Zoom adds extra security to combat meeting disruptions

in a The official blog Yesterday, Zoom added two new safety features to its video calling app that aims to remove and report annoying meeting participants.

In simpler terms, these additional Zoom security features have been added in order to tackle trolls. Notably, with the help of these new security features, the host and co-host get some new meeting controls.

Apparently, they can pause the meeting while they are confronted with the person disrupting the meeting. All sub-rooms will be closed when the host or co-host suspends participants’ activities via the security icon located at the top left of the screen.

Moreover, Zoom will put video, audio, chat, screen sharing or recording options on hold, if the security icon is pressed. These are some important Zoom security features that will come to rest for trolls. Or someone who was looking to disrupt the meeting.

Zoom is a popular video conferencing application. If there is something that has benefited from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is the Zoom video calling app.

The increase in the number of Zoom users has been noticeable. The company is constantly adding more users to its portfolio. Thanks to working from home or studying from home, culture is the new norm.

Zoom hosts and co-hosts can report anyone to the Zoom Trust & Safety Team

The good thing is Zoom has not limited these security features to only video call hosts. In fact, co-hosts can also report anyone to the Zoom Trust & Safety team.

Participants can also report someone via the security code as well. If you are ready to check out Zoom app’s new enhanced security features, then you need to install the latest version 5.4.3 for desktop and mobile apps.

For those who use the Zoom web client, this feature will arrive somewhere later this year. With all these advanced security features, Zoom also adds a risk meeting alert system.

This system will eventually check public social media posts along with other websites for publicly shared Zoom Meeting links. If it finds a Zoom meeting link with high risk of being disabled, it will automatically alert the account owner by email.

It will alert the owner in advance and also provide more advice on what to do. Actions that you can take include deleting the meeting at risk, creating a new meeting with a new meeting ID, and enabling security settings.

In fact, it also includes the use of another Zoom solution, such as Zoom Video Webinars or OnZoom.

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