Yuva Sina organizes protests against an attack on a policeman by “BJP workers”

The day after three people attacked a Mumbai police officer Chef SinaOn Tuesday, the city’s youth wing organized protests in the city, calling for tough measures against it BJP MLA Ram Kadam because he is said to have protected the three men, whom Yuva Sena claims are BJP workers.

The three men, who were riding a motorbike, collided with another vehicle driven by a woman, in Powai on Monday. An argument ensued. The men continued to attack Police Officer Nitin Khermoud when he tried to take them to the police station. Among the three, one was detained and arrested for assaulting a government employee. Later, an alleged audio conversation was leaked in which a man, allegedly Kadam, overheard BJP MLA from Ghatkopar (West), telling Khermode to have leniently on the accused, who said he was young and that the police case might ruin their career.

Yuva Sina organized protests at Shiv Sina Bhavan in Dadar Worli and Bandra (East).

Since the last few months, the BJP has always sided with the anti-Mumbai and anti-Maharashtrian parties. Now, when three party workers attacked a policeman, Kadam, the elected actor, sided with the party workers. “The accused should not be protected,” said Amy Gul, Yufa Sina treasurer and Sina’s official at BMC.

Gul added that strict measures must be taken against the three men as per the law. “A message must be sent to the people in general that such actions will not be tolerated and to ensure that people are not encouraged to attack police personnel. We must respect the Mumbai police.”

Varun Sardisay, Yuva Sina’s secretary, said a sedition case would be brought against the three men. Despite repeated attempts, a bruise was not available for comment.

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