YouTube will serve ads on videos of some creators without sharing revenue

YouTube has it Update terms of service Starting November 18, YouTube will show more ads on some creators’ videos. But it will not share a portion of the revenue generated with the creators.

This is because these young innovators are not old enough to enroll in the Affiliate Program. In the updated terms of service, YouTube stated that it will now run ads on young creator content.

Before that, YouTube used to display ads only on creator content that was members of the YouTube Partner Program. And these were the big content creators who had a certain limit on subscribers and views.

FYI, to become a member of the YouTube Partner Program, the creator must live in a country where YouTube operates. Moreover, the channel must have 4000 public viewing hours in the last 12 months and must have more than 1000 subscribers.

However, with the policy changes, YouTube will now run ads on any video that meets its guidelines. This means that ads will not be displayed on videos containing inappropriate language, violence, sexual content, and drug and firearm related content.

Advertising is a big business for YouTube and its parent company, Google. A large portion of the revenue is generated from the ads themselves. In the most recent quarter, Google generated nearly $ 5 billion in ads.

Content creators also rely on ad revenue to get their share. Now, YouTube will be able to run more ads on its platform without sharing the revenue with multiple creators in the process.

The revised YouTube ads terms and services are effective November 18 in the United States

Notably, the revised YouTube Terms and Policy changes will take effect November 18 in the United States. However, for countries like India, it will be rolled out somewhere in 2021.

In response, these changes didn’t go well with YouTube’s creators. A YouTuber with over 3.5 million subscribers called this change “nuts.”

Well, the argument is also applicable, as the young creators will not be able to monetize the ads shown on their videos. And YouTube will get 100% revenue by displaying ads on these creators’ videos.

YouTube has not disclosed details on how many creators will be affected by these new changes. Although he does mention it, the change will initially be implemented on a small number of videos.

There are many content creators who intentionally made their channel ad-free. However, with these new changes, YouTube will run the ads and hamper the ad-free experience that the creator wants to provide to its audience.

But now the choice is gone. From YouTube’s point of view, it’s their right to do so. Because it allows creators to download videos for free. Note that YouTube took a long time to become profitable.

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