You can mute Twitter fleets, but this is not an ideal solution

If you’re annoyed with Twitter Fleets, you can mute them, but it’s not as easy as you think, at least when it comes to muting them all. There is no way to disable Fleets overall, just to be clear, we’re just talking about muting it. The thing is, you can’t completely mute them, it basically means you can disable them. However, what you can do is mute them one by one. That means you’ll have to mute everyone who’s deploying a fleet, if you don’t want to see one, which is kind of why we’re publishing this.

Twitter Fleets are basically the same thing as Instagram Stories, while Facebook and YouTube have the same feature under a different name. I, personally, do not really use these features in any of the apps mentioned above. I’m tired of this feature, to be completely honest. I’ve noticed that quite a few people share this opinion, at least based on the comments sent to Twitter after the company started rolling out the feature for everyone. Well, if you were like me, you would probably want to mute those fleets. Below, I’ll explain how you can do this.

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This is how you can mute the Twitter Fleets, although you will have to do it one by one

As mentioned earlier, you will need to do this one at a time. So, once someone deploys the fleet, and that fleet appears at the top of your timeline, click on it. Once you do that, you will see an arrow facing down in the upper-right corner of the screen, as shown in the image below. Tap on that option, and you’ll get a popup.

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On this new menu, you will see two options. The first will allow you to report the said fleet, while the second will allow you to mute it. We want to do the latter, of course, so you’ll need to click on that option.

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Once you do that, you’ll be asked if you want to mute Fleets only, or if you want to mute Fleets and tweets from the person you selected. If you want to do both, go for it, but we’re here for Fleets. For that, click on the “Mute” option.

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That’s pretty much, you won’t see Fleets from the person you mute. Doing this for every contact that publishes a fleet can be annoying, especially if you have a large number of contacts that publish. If you are really bothered by the feature, this is definitely worth doing, as you have to do it once per person.

Doing all of this will not remove the “Fleets” list from the Twitter app

Unfortunately, Twitter hasn’t given us an option to completely disable Fleets. In other words, you cannot remove it from the top of your timeline. Even if you mute everyone who posts it, this list will remain at the top, along with the icon that allows you to deploy a new fleet. So, Fleets mute is not a perfect solution, but at least you don’t have to search for new solutions, although this list will still catch your eye.

Twitter is not likely to comply, offering us a way to completely disable that list. We can hope, however, and if you are annoyed with Fleets and are not planning to use it, then sending an opinion / request to Twitter may help.

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