Xbox Series X | S unexpectedly – but acted quickly

Here at the start of this new console generation, gamers have something they were not used to having early in the hardware cycle: options. Sony offers PlayStation 5 consoles with or without a drive, while Microsoft is working even more extreme by offering its two distinct consoles – the flagship and less powerful (and least expensive) Xbox Series X Xbox Series S. If you’re looking for the Xbox Series S. Microsoft clearly has stock now in its online store.

If I went to Xbox Store For now, you have the option to bundle a console bundle that features the Xbox Series S. You don’t need to purchase anything extra with the Xbox Series S, but if you like, you have the option to add one from Microsoft’s new one. Xbox Wireless Controllers at $ 10 off, lowering major black and white color options to $ 49.99. Other colors, like Shock Blue and Pulse Red, come down to $ 54.99 when purchased in conjunction with the console.

You are not only limited to the new Xbox Wireless Controller. You can also get one of the last-generation Xbox Wireless Controllers at the same discount or – if you feel particularly like a high roller – drop the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 at $ 10 as well. This $ 10 discount doesn’t make too much of an impact on the regular price of $ 180 for an Xbox Elite controller, but that big amount gives you one of the best gaming controllers out there.

Other package options only include Microsoft Complete insurance for Xbox, which is $ 49 and covers accidental damage. On top of that, the Xbox Series S will set you back $ 299.99 on its own, which is a reasonable amount less expensive than the Xbox Series X at $ 499.99.

Speaking of the Xbox Series X, we’ve heard reports from people on Twitter that it’s also back in stock through Microsoft at the moment, but we couldn’t verify this as we didn’t see any option to buy. However, it may be helpful to verify the possibility of flashing available stock. Otherwise, good luck to everyone who tries the Xbox Series S.

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