Xbox Series X | S at Target, but this time there’s a twist

Target appears to have restocked the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles, and if your efforts to secure one of these consoles have just been an exercise in frustration so far, this might be your best chance to get one. The goal, as it has been doing many times in the past, is to open online orders for these consoles, but the development here is that you’ll need to order them to pick up from the store.

Although this may not be as convenient as home delivery, this makes it a little easier for the average person to secure a console for themselves. As many sales of next-generation consoles have moved online, consumers have had to contend with robots and speculators wringing out as much stock as possible as quickly as possible. However, robots cannot drive into a store and pick up a console, and with the target setting one for each person, exploiters may not want to go that route either.

For me, Target is showing Xbox Series S in stock at the moment, while Xbox Series X is showing as unavailable. Since these orders are for store pick-up only, we guess what the website offers is geo-based, so some quick shoppers might be able to find their Xbox Series X in stock at a store near them.

At the very least, this could be a good opportunity to break into the Xbox Series S, which for months has been as hard to find as its more powerful counterpart. We’ve seen things that indicate demand for the Xbox Series S is dropping a bit, so if you want to start playing the next generation with Microsoft’s $ 299.99 offer, it won’t be too difficult to secure one of them going forward.

Meanwhile, the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are still harder to find than ever before, and there has been no sign of these stock issues being mitigated. We’ll let you know when we’re picking up a wind from another restock, but for now, those in the market for the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S should head to Target site And see if there is any stock available in the nearby stores.

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