Xbox Series X in stock at GameStop, PS5 restocking imminent

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S restocking arrived at GameStop this afternoon in multiple formats. Online sales of the Xbox Series S and White Controller System Bundle appeared for $ 425. Xbox Series X Madden NFL 21 and the console package black were also released, for $ 695.

If you are looking for a digital edition of Xbox Series S, GameStop released a selection today for a record price of around $ 300. There was the Xbox Series X NFL 21 bundle with console, headphones, and more for about $ 755 as well.

GameStop also clarified this afternoon that its Xbox All Access subscription systems will be available starting March 12, 2021. The device and game subscription system will either cost $ 24.99 per month or $ 34.99 per month depending on whether you want Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X. These systems are appearing on the GameStop online store now, but will not be available until March 12th.

Update: On March 5, 2021, GameStop will receive the PlayStation 5 Spider-Man Ultimate Edition bundle. This will include a $ 20 GameStop Gift Card and an additional console for about $ 659.99. It is possible – but unlikely – to see other PlayStation 5 consoles available from GameStop before then.

Update 2: The Xbox Series X and / or Xbox Series S consoles might be out of stock by the time you arrive at the GameStop online store this afternoon or later. This is the nature of this chase!

In all cases, you will very likely find the Xbox Series X or Sony PlayStation 5 available in a package with an additional game and / or console. If you are looking for the console alone, it is unlikely that you will be able to hit the buy button and actually make it to the point where you receive a confirmation email.

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