Xbox Series X and S are restocked in the Microsoft Store [UPDATE]

The official Microsoft Store today restored the next generation Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles for standalone purchase. This is one of the rare moments when the brand itself offers a unit (s) for sale, available without a package. This differs from the Xbox All Access system, which remains available at this point (update: only through select retailers). Update 2: Xbox Series X appears to be sold again, while Xbox Series S remains in stock.

Xbox Series X and S appeared on the Microsoft Online Store this morning / afternoon at full retail price. A used Xbox Series X will cost approximately $ 499.99 and that includes a console with one controller. This is the console version that has the ability to mount disks.

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The Xbox Series S was available on the Microsoft Store online this morning / afternoon for approximately $ 299.99. This is the console version that doesn’t have a drive. You’ll get this console version if you don’t plan to purchase physical copies of the games and / or play DVD or Bluray disc videos.

Once the controllers are sold out (as we can safely assume they will), the Links in the Microsoft Store It will change to Select Retailer. Here’s Microsoft’s way of saying “We don’t have anything, but someone else might, if you’re lucky!”

Peek at the schedule below for more information on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S and let us know if you’re already in the mix. This next generation console has been sold out since its launch, along with PlayStation 5, from Sony. If you see stock of any console (in any shape) in online stores, let us know!

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