Xbox Game Pass xCloud streaming for 1080p support, Windows

Although far from defeated, some have viewed the closure of Stadia’s first-party game development studio as a moment of weakness. Of course, its competitors in this still young market are seizing the opportunity to show their strength. NVIDIA has finally published its long list of GeForce NOW supported titles, and Amazon Luna is uninvited on Fire TV devices. Microsoft’s Project xCloud service, now official on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Cloud Gaming Streaming Service, is ramping up some upcoming developments for subscribers soon.

To an extent, xCloud is catching up with the likes of Stadia and GeForce NOW in support of 1080p resolution. Microsoft’s Game Streaming Service has so far been maxed out at 720p to be more efficient in bandwidth and performance. Unfortunately, this also means that the games are not enjoyed in the most respected mid-range settings, which makes it an undesirable experience.

to me Windows Central source, Xbox is already testing a much-needed 1080p upgrade. This may be thanks to Microsoft switching from the Xbox One xCloud platform to the more powerful Xbox Series X console. This still occurs throughout the year, so it is not surprising that it is not yet available.

Another thing is still to come, and ironically, xCloud support for Windows PCs. This version of the xCloud app provides support for touch screen controls and gyroscopic sensors. However, the most notable feature is that it can also play games from Xbox consoles you might have at home, even if you are far away. The app also works on ARM-based Windows computers, such as Microsoft’s Surface Pro X.

This, of course, has long been in the business but based on The Verge reportA lot of things are still malfunctioning or not fully functional yet. It’s still a year early though, but hopefully Xbox doesn’t have a good time until it misses the window of opportunity.

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