Xbox chief Phil Spencer gives the clearest answer yet regarding Bethesda exclusivity

Since Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax Media was first announced, most gamers have been wondering how Microsoft will handle exclusivity. It’s a big question, because before this acquisition, the franchises were like The Sheikh ScrollsAnd the Drops, And the the death It was one of the most popular cross-platform games. Of course, a lot of people assumed Microsoft would make the vast majority of Bethesda games exclusive for Xbox and PC, and today we got confirmation of that.

During today’s Microsoft roundtable with Bethesda, Xbox President Phil Spencer noted that while Microsoft continues to respect the current exclusive contracts that were in place at ZeniMax prior to the acquisition, the main goal is to make Bethesda games exclusive to platforms that support Xbox Game Pass.

“Obviously, I can’t sit here and say, ‘Every Bethesda game is exclusive,’ because we know this isn’t true – there are contractual obligations that we will stick to as we always do in every one of these cases, ” he said after Bethesda VP of Marketing Pete Hines asked him about privacy . “We have games that are on other platforms and we’re going to support those games on the platforms they use. There are communities of players. We love these communities and we’ll continue to invest in them.”

Spencer continued, “And even in the future there might be things that have contractual or legacy things on different platforms that we will do.” But if you are an Xbox customer, the thing that I want you to know is to offer you great exclusive games that are shipped on the platforms where the Game is located. Pass. This is our goal, and this is why we do it, and this is the root of this partnership that we are building, and the creative capacity that we will be able to bring to the market for our Xbox customers will be the best ever. For Xbox after we finish here. ”

So, if you are a PlayStation stickler and hope Microsoft will continue to offer major perks like The Sheikh Scrolls And the Drops On the platform you choose, Spencer’s statement on the matter doesn’t really paint an encouraging picture. Of course, Spencer said the goal is to offer these games on platforms where Game Pass is available, and that could theoretically include PlayStation 5 at some point in the future. It’s obviously not likely that Sony will allow Game Pass to run on the PlayStation 5, but strange things happen all the time in the gaming industry.

For now, though, probably the best service for those looking to play Bethesda games in the future is to choose a platform that supports Game Pass, be it through Xbox Series X | S, gaming PC, or Android phone.

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