WWII Game Included in Open Beta: How to Join Xbox Series X, PS5, and PC

There is no shortage of WWII games, and as of today, there is a new one to check out. Gaijin Entertainment announced this Recruited, A WWII title developed by DarkFlow Software, went from closed beta to open beta, giving everyone a chance to check out the game. The Open Beta is published today across the Xbox Series X, PS5, and PC.

So how do you participate in the open beta? If you are using the console, the process is very straightforward, as you simply need to go to its store menu Recruited On the platform that you choose. On both PlayStation 5 And Xbox series x, The game is listed alongside a number of different DLC packs, but the basic game itself is free.

On a PC, the process of entering the open beta is a bit more complicated, as you’ll first want to go to the Gaijin website and sign up for a Gaijin account. If you’ve played games like Loud wars or Clash of the Stars In the past – two of Gaijin’s most popular addresses – you likely already have a Gaijin account, so keep that in mind before signing up for a new account. After creating your account, all you need to do is download the Windows launcher, a link which can be found on Gaijin Post forum Announcing the open beta.

Recruited It is an FPS MMO that will put players in different historical campaigns that took place during World War II. The two campaigns currently in the game include the Battle of Moscow, which took place in 1941 and 1942 between the Soviet Union and Germany, and the invasion of Normandy, which of course occurred in 1944 between the Allies and the Axis (though Recruited Puts players in the role of German or American forces).

Players will request teams of different soldiers that they can switch between on the fly, and DarkFlow appears to be trying to balance realism with the simplified gameplay of Recruited. DarkFlow also says more campaigns are coming in the future, stating that it wants to “drastically increase” the number of campaigns and add new missions, weapons and vehicles along the way. For more Recruited, You can check the forum post linked above.

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