Would the United States finally see the end of the tunnel?

A wind of optimism has washed over the United States in recent days. Joe Biden assured him on Tuesday, March 2: the country will have enough Covid-19 vaccines for all adults in the country “at the end of May”. A few hours earlier, it was Texas who announced the imminent lifting of the obligation to wear a mask, and the total reopening of its businesses.

Will America finally see the end of the tunnel? In any case, Joe Biden seems to have reason to rejoice. “We made it our goal to have enough vaccines available for all adults in America by the end of May,” he said, who had mentioned a late July deadline three weeks ago.

This represents a “significant progress”But that does not mean that all American adults will be vaccinated on that date. “We need people to inject themselves into people’s arms, into millions of American guns,” he said.added. The country most affected by the pandemic (with more than 516,000 deaths) has already administered 78 million doses to 15% of its population.

A new and more practical vaccine

Another important step forward is a An agreement has also been reached between pharmaceutical giants Merck and Johnson & Johnson to increase the latter’s vaccine production. “This is the kind of business-to-business collaboration that we saw in World War II,” he said, adding that Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine production centers would now operate. “24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

This vaccine has two important advantages in terms of logistics: it can only be administered single dose and can be stored at refrigerator temperature. Johnson & Johnson is currently committed to offering 100 million doses before the end of June.

Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine was authorized for emergency use in the country last weekend, for adults 18 and older. For its part, the European Medicines Agency announced that it would meet March 11 to determine if it allows its deployment within the European Union.

“100% Texas Open”

Also Tuesday, Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced the end of the use of the mandatory mask and the reopening of stores from March 10, believing that the second most populous state in the United States now had “the means to protect” its population from the coronavirus. “Now is the time to open Texas 100%”, he said during a visit to a restaurant.

The obligation to wear a mask had been in place since July 2020 and companies had been limited to 75% of their capacity since October. He justified his decision by the “Medical Advances in Vaccines and Antibody Treatments”, even if “the Covid-19 has not disappeared”. Nearly 44,000 people have died from Covid-19 in Texas since the start of the epidemic, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Concerned scientists

In the process, the state of Mississippi also announced the end of the mandatory mask and the total reopening of its economy, starting Wednesday. “Our number of hospitalizations and positive cases has collapsed, and vaccines are being distributed rapidly, now is the time!”the governor of this southern state, Republican Tate Reeves, tweeted.

These decisions are made despite warnings from US health authorities against any relaxation in the face of the pandemic. Lundi, the directive des Centers américains de prévention et de lutte contre les maladies (CDC), Rochelle Walensky, s’était dite “très inquiète des informations selon lesquelles de plus en plus d’Etats lèvent précisément les measures que nous avons recommandées pour proteger people”. Beware, therefore, that the ray of hope held by some may well be just an illusion.

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