Woman witnesses the murder of her colleague during a video conference

The facts happened this Monday March 22, to Altadena, Californian city near the Angels. While a woman was participating in a professional meeting at Zoom, she attended the murder one of his colleagues. Total, two people were fatally stabbed.

The information is provided to us NBC News and was seen by 20 minutes Switzerland.
Around 2:45 pm, that day, the law enforcement locals are alerted to a potential kidnapping, which would have taken place in a american suburb, very close to the Angels.

On the spot, the police first discover the body of a man, in an alley, then that of a woman, inside the house. Their identities have not been released, but these two are said to be one year old. sixty years, precise NBC News.

32-year-old man charged with murder

During the investigation, the police learned that the woman who had been killed I was participating, at the material moment, in a videoconference. “The participant in the conversation in Zoom he witnessed the attack on the man and the woman. She called the police to report the crime.“, Is it also specified in a release written by the police.

The researchers later noted thata vehicle was missing, in the residence where the murders. TO men, age of 32 years, finally came to the site with said car, explaining that he lived there. Has been arrested and charged with murder. For now, we still don’t know what relationship the suspect kept with the victims.

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