With no electricity or clean water, Texans are at their wits’ end

In the U.S, the situation is still so dire in texas. This southern state has been covered in snow for days. The temperatures are still negative and the inhabitants are exhausted.

Millions of Texans have already fled the bites of the cold. The families took refuge in their cars, their engines running, at least the ones that still had gasoline. When they had nothing left to burn, some parents threw children’s toys or bills into the fire.

“It’s hard to see my family suffer like this and not be able to do anything”testifies a man, whose wife is eight months pregnant. “I had barbecue charcoal to burn, but it started quickly, I will burn the bills“he said.

Electricity returns little by little, but access to clean water and food will continue to be a problem for the next few hours. “People are angry, they wonder how this can happen in 2021,” John testifies in Houston. Texans will demand accountability. They want to understand how this state, leading energy producer in the country, could also have been poorly prepared.

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