With Biden’s backing, Austin prepares to tackle Army sexual assault problem

When Ms. Gillebrand first proposed this bill in 2013, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the time, General Martin E. Dempsey, said, “Reducing command responsibility could negatively affect a leader’s ability to enforce professional standards and, ultimately, to get the job done.” .

Senator John McCain, Republican from Arizona, who passed away in 2018, 11 years old He said The abuse problem shocked him so much that he couldn’t recommend his friend’s daughter to join the armed forces. However, Mr. McCain, a retired Navy pilot who had suffered for years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, was stern. Opposed Ms. Gillebrand’s proposal.

President Barack Obama expressed sympathy for Mrs. Gillebrand’s legislation, but was reluctant to oppose the generals on the issue. President Donald J Trump Blame Sexual assault in the military – which affects men more than women – integrates women into combat roles.

“Biden has spoken about this issue more forcefully than any other president,” said Colonel Don Christensen, head of the Advocate of Defenders, which advocates for victims of abuse and retired from the Air Force. Obama will not take the generals and admirals. I’m sure Austin was a leader himself in a split-loyalty position. “

Earlier this year, Congress approved A. Measure To establish a model office of the chief prosecutor in service academies for such incidents, under pressure from veterans of the House of Representatives.

“Ultimately, this requires presidential leadership,” said Ms. Gillebrand. “We must have a criminal justice system that deserves the sacrifices of those who serve.”

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