Will New Delhi benefit from the exit of Sajid Lone from the Gopkar Alliance?

On July 2, 1984, 12 members of the National Congress in the Legislative Assembly of Jammu and Kashmir, at the request of the then Governor Jagmohan, threw their weight behind GM Shah. This tactical maneuver turned the government of his son-in-law and opponent, Dr. Farooq Abdullah, who was poorly considered New Delhi at the time, into a minority, paving the way for his dismissal.

University of Cambridge scholar and historian Aleister Lamb noted that the “coup d’etat” by New Delhi, “marks the end of Article 370.” The coup was significant because New Delhi did not want to cede an inch of its “territory” to Dr. Abdullah, who is seeking self-rule. It has become important to remove Dr. Abdullah from power in order to show him his “place”.

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