why Trump ended up condemning the violence

24 hours after the invasion of the Capitol by his most convinced activists, Donald Trump published a speech online in which he condemned this violence. It is a resignation speech, admit that there will be a new president. It took him two months to finally accept his defeat.

Politically he makes a date anyway, he seems pretty calm. “Being president has been the honor of my life,” he said. He condemned the perpetrators of the assault on the Capitol and said he was scandalized. Part of your base will be disappointed. The toughest fans “will pay for what they did,” he said.

You may be afraid of being fired even if you have to leave the White House in a few days. The fear of section 4 of the 25th amendment that stipulates the physical or mental incapacity of the president to exercise his power. The request must be made by the majority of the cabinet members and transmitted to the Senate chamber and it is the vice president who acts in this case. You could say that the assault on the Capitol represented an insurgency against the United States initiated by the president. Mike Pence would become president until January 20.

Some feel that the president has become too unpredictable. Otherwise, the impeachment procedure would be better known but it would have to go through both chambers and Joe Biden is not necessarily in favor of this procedure. The president-elect certainly wants to defuse the situation and give Americans a break.

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