Why the United States fears China will invade Taiwan

The US Seventh Fleet explained that the Arleigh Burkede-class guided-missile destroyer USS John Finn set sail on Wednesday, March 10. in the strait between mainland China and Taiwan.

This is the third operation of its kind since the inauguration of US President Joe Biden. It is intended in particular to “show our commitment in favor of a free and open Indo-Pacific zone. “

Beijing currently claims almost all the islands in the South China Sea and regularly complains about US operations in this sector, the scene of a struggle for influence with Washington.

It is clear that Taiwan is part of their ambitions.

US Admiral Philip Davidson

This passage took place on the day that the commander of the US forces in the region, Admiral Philip Davidson, claimed rThere is a growing military threat from China. “I’m afraid they are speeding up his plan to supplant the United States (…) by 2050, “said the head of the Indo-Pacific military command.” It is clear that Taiwan is part of their ambitions and I think the threat is evident in the next decade, in fact in the next six years. years “,
he continued.

Taiwan has 23 million people and has been ruled since 1945 by a regime that took refuge there after the Communists’ victory in mainland China in 1949 at the end of the Chinese civil war. The “People’s Republic of China”, based in Beijing, considers this territory as one of its provinces and threatens to use force in the event of a formal proclamation of independence on the island.

Several neighboring countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, and Vietnam also disputes some Chinese claims in this area, a key route for world maritime trade.

Since the 2016 rise to power in Taiwan of President Tsai Ing-wen, from a party traditionally considered hostile by Beijing, The People’s Republic of China has stepped up its efforts to further isolate the island, from a diplomatic, economic, but also military point of view.

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