Why is Angela Merkel going backwards?

The Germans ended up avoiding any restrictions for Easter. After new negotiations between Angela Markel and the 16 regional states this Wednesday, March 24, the Chancellor has abandoned the plan for the forced closure of the country. She also admitted “a mistake” on her part.
“A mistake should be called a mistake and, more importantly, it should be corrected and, if possible, in time,” he said during a speech. “I know that this proposal has caused more uncertainty, I am deeply sorry and for that I ask forgiveness from all citizens ”.

For the German leader, the idea of ​​a five-day Easter confinement had been Thought with “the best of intentions”, with the aim of “stopping and reversing the third wave of the pandemic”, but “it could not be achieved in a short period of time.” This initiative planned close to supermarkets and limits access to churches. A holiday was scheduled for Thursday, April 1. Tough restrictions, which did not please the population.

The risks of such a decision

Such a decision, made urgently, left too many questions open, particularly with regard to “the continuation of the payment of wages” and organization within companies, said Angela Merkel.

This device, presented as a “break” by the Chancellor, was criticized even within the government. Interior Minister Horst Seehofer thus expressed his “astonishment” that the Christian Democratic Party in power sacrifices Easter masses on the altar of the anti-Covid struggle.

Professional organizations they feared the repercussions of the business closure, after months of restrictions with important economic consequences.

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