Why has Denmark discontinued the AstraZeneca vaccine?

Suspended until further notice. AstraZeneca vaccine can no longer be used in Denmark, for at least two weeks. A precautionary measure, taken this Thursday, March 11, by the country’s National Health Agency.

She fears indeed the formation of blood clots in vaccinated people, having had “serious case reports,” it said in a statement. The Danish health authority still qualifies its decision. “At this time, we cannot conclude that there is a link between the vaccine and blood clots.”, she assures.

A batch of vaccines In particular, delivered to 17 countries and made up of a million vaccines, it has caused concern in Europe in recent days. Austria announced on Monday March 8 that it had stopped administering this batch produced by the Anglo-Swedish laboratory, after the death of a 49-year-old nurse who succumbed to “serious bleeding disorders” within days of receiving it. Four other European countries, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Luxembourg, immediately discontinued vaccines with doses from this batch.

“A break” in the use of the vaccine

Denmark has chosen to discontinue the use of all its AstraZeneca vaccines. “It is important to emphasize that we do not waive the AstraZeneca vaccinebut that we are taking a break from using it, “Danish agency director Søren Brostrøm was quoted as saying in the statement.There is a large body of literature that shows that the vaccine is safe and effective. But with the Danish Medicines Agency, we must react to reports of possible serious side effects, both in Denmark and in other European countries, ”he said.

On Wednesday, March 10, a preliminary investigation by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) indicated that there was no no relationship between AstraZeneca vaccine and death in Austria. The day before, March 9, only 22 cases of thrombosis had been reported out of more than three million vaccinated people in the European Economic Area, according to the European agency.

Denmark reports that it has registered the death of a person who had received the vaccine. An investigation is ongoing with the EMA. The suspension of the AstraZeneca vaccine will be reassessed in two weeks. However, it upsets the timing of the Danish immunization campaign: while the country planned to vaccinate its adult population in mid-July, revised down its estimates for mid-August.

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