Who was Ali Boumendjel, killed by the French army?

It is one more step towards the calm of relations with Algeria, and no less important. For the first time on Tuesday, Emmanuel Macron, “on behalf of France,” admitted the murder of lawyer and nationalist leader Ali Boumendjel, “tortured and killed” by the French army during the Algerian war.. A murder at the time disguised as a suicide.

We are in 1957, in the middle of a conflict, and Ali Boumendjel is what we call a troublesome opponent. During the Battle of Algiers, he was arrested on February 9 for his commitment to the FLN. Tortured, he died in prison on March 23. The man allegedly committed suicide by jumping from the sixth floor. A scenario that his relatives never believed.

In 2001, in his memoirs, General Aussaresses admitted that it was he who ordered his men to push the 37-year-old lawyer from a catwalk to this prison. “I was the one who made him execute “, repeated on the channel History.

After these confessions, Malika Boumendjel, the widow, waited, waited all her life for France to recognize the responsibility of her army. Now it’s done, but she passed away six months ago. He was 101 years old.

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