Who is Tran To Nga, this woman who fights against “Agent Orange”?

It is a poison that is said to have claimed millions of lives during the Vietnam War and beyond. Called “Agent Orange”, referring to the colored bands that were painted on the storage drums, This herbicide was used by the US military, dumped in acres of forests in Vietnam and Laos.

An 80-year-old French-Vietnamese woman has achieved the feat of bringing agrochemical multinationals to justice, accused of having supplied the army. And the trial opens this Monday, January 25, in Évry, near Paris.

The first time Tran To Nga inhaled Agent Orange was in 1966 near an American base in southern Vietnam: a white cloud, a pungent odor. However, the consequences come very quickly. “When we received the fumigation, we did not know that it could have consequences for humans”, she says.

“From generation to generation, we transmit this poison”

Two years later, Tran To Nga lost her first daughter who was born with a serious heart defect. “From generation to generation, this poison is passed on to all my grandchildren. My children also have a genetic disease and a defect in red blood cells.”, specifies the octogenarian. She herself develops a genetic disease and respiratory problems. All because of Agent Orange, he said.

In 2014, he filed a complaint against American industrialists. Six years of processing, 19 preliminary hearings, but Tran To Nga does not want to let go. Medical expertise will surely be required in today’s trial. Tran To Nga is ready to submit to her, as is her entire family.

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