Who is General Lloyd Austin, the new head of the Pentagon?

General Lloyd Austin will become the new head of the Pentagon. At 67, he will become the Secretary of Defense in the Biden government, the equivalent of our Minister of Defense. A quote far from anonymous since Lloyd Austin will be the first African American to lead the Pentagon.

Some probably remember Colin Powell, a former African-American military man who held important positions. Powell was Reagan’s security adviser, military chief of staff, and secretary of state (chief diplomat), but he was never chief of the Pentagon.

Lloyd Austin did not hesitate to point out that blacks were underrepresented in command posts. Lloyd Austin is a former Army general, overall four stars. He particularly fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Your confirmation is required Senate resignation. Because normally a former soldier can become defense minister only after a seven-year retirement. Lloyd Austin left the ranks four years ago. This provision was made in 1947 for civilians to control soldiers.

I’ve seen how he commands, his advice is solid.

Joe Biden on Lloyd Austin

Lloyd Austin and Joe Biden have known each other for a long time and have a pretty strong personal bond. The two men knew each other well during the Obama administration, when Austin was in command of US forces in Iraq.

Joe Biden said: “I have spent countless hours with him, on the court and in the crisis room of the White House. I have seen how he commands, his advice is solid.” I admire your calm“.

Perhaps even more important than the time spent in the situation room, Lloyd Austin had linked to the president’s first son, Beau Biden, He died in 2015 of a brain tumor and had served in Iraq. Both Catholics, they sat next door during Mass every Sunday. They continued to see each other when the handsome Biden was no longer on duty.

General Austin also takes the same approach to dueling. He often talks about those excruciating moments, when he learns of the death of one or more of his soldiers. Often I would have discussed this with Joe Biden.

I will do anything to rid our ranks of racists and extremists

What will he be priority missions the new head of the Pentagon? Lloyd Austin has already vowed to fight extremism in the US military. We know that during the assault on the Capitol there were several soldiers in civilian clothes. Twelve members of the National Guard were removed from the security system prior to Joe Biden’s inauguration. There were doubts about his connection to violent militias. The new head of the Pentagon has been clear: “I will do anything to rid our ranks of racists and extremists.”

On the deployment of the US Army: will support the withdrawal from Afghanistan. He prefers to focus Pentagon resources on fighting terrorism. Finally, the Pentagon will participate in the fight against the Covid epidemic as the military is helping to transport and deliver vaccines.

One downside: after his retirement, Lloyd Austin joined private company linked to armaments, was on the board. Many high-ranking former military men do that. But when they become defense ministers, it requires more attention.

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