Who is Amanda Gorman, the young poet who amazed America?

One poem was enough to captivate America. Dressed in yellow, her head crowned with a red crown, young African-American poet Amanda Gorman wowed audiences at Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony Wednesday with her verses calling for America’s unity.

At just 22 years old, the young woman from Los Angeles recited a text from her composition, “The hill we climbed” (“The Hill We Climb”), a reference to Capitol Hill, where supporters of Donald Trump stormed the headquarters of Congress on January 6.

Inside the purest tradition of the “spoken word”His poem, which he wrote all at once after this murderous assault, evokes “a force that will break our Nation, rather than share it.” “This effort has almost succeeded / but while democracy can be delayed at times, it cannot be permanently repressed.”

A child prodigy

With a calm voice, she sang her rhymes, accompanying them with graceful movements, without letting a stutter penetrate her that, like Joe Biden, affected her in her childhood. And who also pushed her to write, to compensate. The poet described herself as “a skinny black girl, descended from slaves, raised by a single mother,” who finds herself “reciting” before a president.

A child prodigy, she won her first prize for poetry at age 16, and was crowned the country’s “best young poet” three years later, while studying sociology at the prestigious university. Harvard. Before her, five other poets, including Robert Frost and Maya Angelou, participated in the inauguration ceremonies of American presidents, but none were that young.

According to the American press, her name was whispered to the ceremony organizers by Jill Biden, the wife of the 46th president, who had attended one of his readings. His order, made in December: that he write an ode to “America United,” echoing the Democrat’s speech.

His text bends to her, without denying the challenges of the present. “We are going to turn this wounded world into another wonderful one.” “There is always light if we are brave enough to see it. If only we were brave enough to be.”

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