Whiskas cats (2-12 months) wet cat food, tuna in jelly, 12 sachets (12 x 85 g)

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(As of January 13, 2021 23:56:04 UT – details)

Whiskas kitten Gray provides complete nutrition and is irresistible cat food for your special furry friend. Celebrate this by feeding your cat delicious festive cat food. A complete and balanced cat food, Whiskas Broth is designed to take care of the daily nutritional requirements of kittens, providing it with all the required vitamins and minerals along with moisture and nutrition for a healthy and happy life, making it an ideal treatment. The cat’s love for fish is carefully blended with ample amounts of calcium, phosphorous, proteins, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, in every package. This treatment for cats helps maintain their coat, heart health, weight, skin, teeth, muscles, bones and general immunity. Whiskas broth has a feline-friendly texture and aroma, and even attracts food eaters for a fun-filled meal.

Wet cat food recipe provides moisture and nutrition
The broth food form helps promote urinary tract health
Helps provide cats healthy eyesight
Easy to eat and digest, it can be given to kittens as a treat
Enticing aroma and flavor that are effective in attracting picky eaters
Supported by research by Waltham Center for Pet Nutrition

85 g kittens provide food with jelly kitten months moist whiskey tuna bags

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