Which leaders have already been vaccinated?

AstraZeneca soldier is in danger, so Jean Castex comes to his aid. On Tuesday he explained that he did not want a direct pass and that at 55 years could wait his turn for the vaccine but the pangs of the British serum will force the prime minister to reveal his shoulder to receive a dose. In the process, 41 majority members also propose to get vaccinated with AstraZeneca, for example.

And this is a real trend right now as eight presidents and five prime ministers have been vaccinated in Europe when they weren’t old enough to do it. An example understood by the majority of the populations but in each country, as in Portugal or the Czech Republic, the oppositions evoke a privilege. The only leaders on the European continent who have met an age criterion are Elizabeth II, Italian President Sergio Mattarella, 79, and Maltese President George Vella, 76.

Victor Orban, 57, held the event in front of the camera, not to incite the Hungarians but to show the European Union that it was right to order Chinese vaccines, each with its own pretext.

Some quiet leaders, some clumsy

There are quiet people like Xi Jinping. The Chinese president rules the country where there are already 52 million vaccinated. Is he? We do not know, like Vladimir Poutine who declared that he would do it but his person would not be a priority. Unlike the Turkish Erdogan or the King of Morocco Mohammed VI who started the national vaccination by themselves. In the Philippines, the president’s escort was vaccinated with a different vaccine than the population, it is reassuring.

The silent criticism of the oppositions is quite logicalDemonstrations to denounce the privileged vaccinated is what is happening in South America. Thus Peru and Argentina are shaken by privilege scandals where former members of the government have had priority vaccines. The Minister of Health has resigned, we do not know if he had time to get vaccinated.

Is vaccination of leaders effective?

In the age of social media, what have we learned from Olivier Véran’s vaccination on February 8? Your biceps and your nipple… It is a phenomenon that can be found everywhere. In Croatia, the Minister of Finance has terrorized his country with a slim fit t-shirt in sculpted abs while the Greek prime minister unbuttoned his shirt to the navel in front of the cameras. Will there be a Castex moment this Friday afternoon, like a vaccination pin-up?

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