Where is the Covid-19 pandemic?

Tracking, detection and isolation … Beijing is not kidding with Covid-19. Tuesday, January 12, China, where the new coronavirus appeared a year ago, decided to confine as a precaution five million inhabitants of a city on the border with Beijing after a single case of coronavirus.

The inhabitants of LangfangAs an industrial city of 4.9 million people bordering Beijing, it can no longer leave its municipal borders unless absolutely necessary. The measure is in effect for seven days. The 4.9 million inhabitants will be examined, said the health authorities after the discovery of a positive case in one of the townships of the jurisdiction of the city.

Officially, the country has largely contained Covid-19 on its soil, with zero deaths since May, even if a resurgence of the epidemic has been observed for a few weeks. Regularly confronted with small “conglomerates” near the capital, the authorities try to contain them quickly blockades, mass controls and travel restrictions.

Strict containment and massive control

But Hebei Province (north), which surrounds Beijing, recently reported 560 people positive for the new coronavirus (including 234 asymptomatic), prompting a wave of restrictions and preventive closures.

Capital of Hebei province, the large city of Shijiazhuang (11 million inhabitants) is considered the epicenter of the recent Covid-19 outbreak. Last week, local authorities established containment, launched massive controls on the entire population, closed schools and the media. (roads, airport, trains, long-distance buses).

Since October, the northern provinces of China have regularly reported Covid-19 cases. And as the lunar new year holiday (Feb 11-17), which sees hundreds of millions of Chinese in transport every year, China is trying to avoid any uncontrolled infection. The Beijing Municipality has already canceled the major holiday events planned and asked residents not to leave the capital.

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