WhatsApp reassures users that their privacy is not affected by the new policy

WhatsApp has made clear its position on the company’s new privacy policy for users. Shred Advertise By the company itself they say that users’ privacy will not be affected by its new policy that requires users to share data with Facebook to use WhatsApp.

This is new Appeared As recently as the beginning of 2021. Many users have had major concerns about sharing their data with Facebook. The main issue that users mentioned was Facebook’s long history of privacy and data issues.

However, as I mentioned Android CentralWhatsApp quickly responded to these issues. WhatsApp said its users’ privacy would not change due to the updated privacy policy.

WhatsApp has been going from strength to strength in recent months. Due to the various shutdowns across the globe, more individuals have turned to WhatsApp to make voice and video calls to stay in touch. This culminated in a record number of calls during the new year period for the application.

This means that a potential privacy scandal is the last thing WhatsApp wants to deal with right now. It is for this reason that the company released a leaflet to try to curb any problems this change might cause.

WhatsApp releases in response to privacy policy concerns

WhatsApp issued a blog post on its website with its phrases to dispel “some of the rumors circulating”. The company has informed users that updating the policy will not affect their privacy. This is due to the fact that personal messages are protected from end-to-end encryption.

What this means is that WhatsApp or Facebook cannot read your messages or see your shared location. The company indicated that the change in policy concerns only the optional feature of corporate messaging.

This then only applies to users who choose to use WhatsApp’s commerce features. In this case, Facebook may use your shopping activity for the personalized ads it shows you on its platforms.

The statement said that WhatsApp gave companies “the option to use secure hosting services from Facebook to manage WhatsApp conversations with their customers.”

If this still leaves you unconvinced and you want Facebook not to access your data in this way, then you lack options somewhat. The only real way out is to stop using WhatsApp together and switch to an alternative.

This is very unlikely that many users will likely get rid of this. However, some backlash has shown that if the company goes further, it might run into some problems.

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