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The commotion was very violent. Tiger Woods was in a serious accident Tuesday shortly after 7 a.m. Alone at the wheel of his car near Los Angeles, went off the road and rolled over multiple times between the towns of Rolling Hills Estates and Rancho Palos Verdes. Rescuers had to use a specialized tool and an ax to remove the golfer from his car, which was then evacuated to the hospital.

The 45-year-old superstar suffered “multiple open fractures” in his right leg, the medical team who operated on him said, adding that they inserted a metal rod into his shin and screws to strengthen the bones in his foot and ankle. “He is awake, conscious and resting” adds the press release from the hospital.

Despite the fact that he was still detained in his vehicle, Carlos González, the first policeman to arrive at the scene, specified that the athlete was “lucid and calm” and felt that he was “very lucky to get out alive.” According to him, “the nature of the vehicle” At the wheel of which was Tiger Woods, a luxury SUV (a Genesis GV80, note), and “the fact that he had fastened his seat belt” clearly worked in his favor.

Too high speed?

How could such an accident have occurred? There are still few elements that allow us to understand exactly what happened. No other vehicle appears to be involved. Sheriff Alex Villanueva, whose services have opened an investigation, said his men had found “no evidence “to suggest that Tiger Woods was driving under the influence of drugs, drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident.

For his part, the police officer Carlos González pointed out that the section of the road where the golfer probably lost control of his car It was accident prone, curvy and at the base of a descent. According to investigators, Tiger Woods crossed the median and made several rolls, crashing into a tree as he passed, before stopping to the side. To the sheriff, it circulated “at a relatively higher speed than normal ” going downhill, specifying that no signs of braking have been observed.

Tiger Woods was in the megalopolis of California due to a tournament he sponsored, the Genesis Invitational, which concluded last weekend. Recently undergoing back surgery for the fifth time, he said Sunday that he was unsure about playing the Masters in April. But with Tuesday’s accident, it is perhaps the career of this extraordinary athlete that has stalled.

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