what we know about the shooting that killed 10 in Colorado

It is a massacre that once again leaves the United States in mourning. It happened in Colorado, in a supermarket in the city of Boulder, north of Denver. Man opened fire and killed 10 people. Police received a call shortly before 3 p.m. Monday. Shooting was reported in a supermarket. Police waited several hours before communicating. He first wanted to speak with the families of the victims before establishing a balance.

The amateur images had provided the first elements. In one of them, we saw three inanimate bodies on the ground: two outside and one inside the store. In this chilling video, a man explains without apparent emotion that the shooter is still inside the store, and then shots are heard. The toll for the night is even higher than the images suggest: 10 dead, including a 51-year-old policeman, who arrived at the scene first.

A police spokesman praised a heroic act. SWAT, the police intervention unit intervened, but the suspect had probably already killed his victims. Apart from the identity of the police officer, the identities of the other nine victims are unknown. And the police said they wouldn’t release more information until mid-afternoon.

A suspect arrested

Police arrested a suspect. We still don’t know what their motivations were, it will undoubtedly take several hours, or even days, to find out. Footage shot from a helicopter show the arrest of a white man, shirtless. Before submitting him, the police probably asked him to remove his sweater or T-shirt and checked for explosives or any other weapons. There was an exchange of fire between him and the intervention forces.

He injured his right leg, limps but can walk. They handcuffed him behind his back and placed him on a stretcher.. He is in jail. Note that Colorado has already experienced several sadly famous mass murders. In 2012, in a movie theater in Aurora, a man had killed 12 people and injured around 50, during the projection of a Batman. And in 1999, the Columbine High School massacre: 15 dead including the two murdered students.

The gun debate in America was reignited.

America is once again caught up in these gun killings. Less than a week ago near Atlanta, a young man killed 8 people. He targeted three Asian massage parlors. Of the eight people who died 6 young asians. The motives of the murderer, a young man of 21 years, are not very clear. He says it’s not a racist act but talk about a sex addiction, in contradiction to their faith.

For him, these massage parlors were places of temptation. And he would have had a “bad day.” Many also saw it as a racist act, in the context of a resurgence of attacks against the Asian community in the United States.

These 10 deaths will once again reignite the gun debate in America. Joe Biden will not ban them, he is too delicate, he would divide the country too much. Without a doubt, there will be proposals for a better control, a better follow-up. And sadly, there will undoubtedly be other mass killings like the one on Monday.

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