What is the situation in Texas?

The cold wave of the last week surprised by its intensity. We went down to -18 ° in Texas. Aside from the freezing temperatures, what was also surprising was how the authorities have been overcome. Today it is impressive how many people need help, especially food aid. At a food and water distribution north of Houston, the car line was at least 2 kilometers.

The inhabitants have I need drinking water, because tap water is often not suitable for drinking, because the pipes are broken or because the lack of pressure prevents proper filtering of the tap water. When you hit the road, you see the workers repairing the damage.

But what I didn’t immediately understand was that in this queue, they weren’t just victims of the cold snap. Many families were affected by the crisis. This was the case with Kristen where I went. She is 60 years old and was giving private English classes, but since the outbreak everyone has canceled. In your fridge: two burritos and a can of soda that you consume in moderation. He cried a lot and repeated frequently: “This is not how we have to live in the United States.”

Bursts of solidarity in chaos

Disappointed, sometimes angry Texans. But we are also witnessing poignant outbursts of solidarity, particularly from the plumbers, who are obviously overloaded. This is the case with William. Originally, he had a barrier construction company. But he is a handyman. And it has workers who are experts in plumbing.

Last week he posted a message on Facebook where he offers his services for free. William, 35, did this as a tribute to his mother, whom he buried yesterday. He died of the Covid. His first intention was to help the elderly in memory of his mother. In the end, it helps everyone. He works from seven in the morning until midnight. Until we don’t need it anymore, he said.

Another plumber came to him from New Jersey, a route of 2,500 km. When he saw what was happening in Texas, he rushed into a store to buy supplies, got into his car with his wife, who accompanied him with their 2-year-old son. On Twitter, a message said: “here is the city hall that I love.” Only in the article was it not said whether they paid him or not.

A crisis that will impact the political world

As an unexpected effect, the current crisis in Texas runs the risk of political repercussions. And it’s not trivial if Joe Biden arrives at the venue this Friday. We were beginning to hear that the American president was discreet. People are angry with the system too The main one is that at the state’s leading energy provider, many find themselves without power and, at times, electricity bills that go up to $ 17,000.

And political consequences for Ted Cruz, the Republican senator who would be in the White House. For a long time we will hear about his weekend in Mexico when Texans were freezing to death.

By contrast, Beto O’Rourke, a former Democratic Party sensation, who was billed as Barack Obama’s successor, scored points. It raised $ 1.5 million for the victims. His popularity is on the rise as he could run for governor of Texas in 2022. Crises are political moments too.

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