What is rosehip oil used for?

The characteristics of organic vegetable oil of musk rose

Rosehip vegetable oil It is obtained from the cold pressing of rosehip seeds. It is a product that has an oily appearance with a light yellow, sometimes orange color. If you taste it, this oil recalls the taste of hazelnut. As for its smell, it recalls a sweet plant fragrance: light and floral.

Organic musk rose oil It is composed of essential fatty acids that include: 40% to 50% omega 6 and 30% to 36% omega 3. It is also rich in vitamins C, E, K and provitamins A. This vegetable oil is especially recognized for its characteristics anti-aging, calming and restorative.


Origin and history of organic musk rose oil

rosehip It is a shrub belonging to the Rosaceae family. It is also called Rosier Muscat Kola. This plant usually grows in the wild, but today it is not uncommon to find it in some gardens.

The musk rose comes from South America, more precisely from the Andes Mountains of Chile. In addition, Chile is the No. 1 supplier of this plant, with more than 80% of global demand.

It was the Mapuche of the Araucanía region (Chile) who discovered the innumerable benefits of this plant. Thus they exploited it to discover all its virtues. medicinal, therapeutic Y aesthetic ! It was not until the 16th century that the plant was introduced to Europe.

In 1983, the University of Concepción (Chile) carried out a study that concluded that rosehip oil it has an incredible healing property. These results delighted the field of the cosmetic industry, hence the introduction of this oil in many beauty products.

Qualities and benefits of muscat rose vegetable oil

Muscat rose vegetable oil It is an excellent cosmetic ally, especially for fragile skin and skins that have reached a certain age. For those who want to restore the baby’s skin, this oil is the solution!

Delayed aging of the skin

Due to its richness in vitamin E, musk rose oil is an excellent antioxidant. Delays the effects of aging on the skin helping it to become more flexible. Omega 3 and 6 help give this flexible effect by strengthening the elasticity of skin tissue cells.

The exceptional plant collagen, rosehip oil, helps prevent wrinkles, fight brown spots and prevent premature aging of the skin.

Nutrition and skin repair

Its high content of essential fatty acids provides restorative benefits to rosehip vegetable oil. Provides the skin with all the nutrients it needs for in-depth nutrition.

Its application on the skin guarantees a deep regeneration and not just on the surface, as is the case with many cosmetic products.

Reduce scars

If you have visible scars, feel free to apply musk rose vegetable oil to your skin to reduce marks, but also to speed up healing.

Its vitamin A composition offers benefits healing and invigorating To the skin. If your skin is damaged or burned, now you know what to do!

Care of skin irritations

Be careful of rosacea and sunburn when exposing your skin to daylight. In any case, fight the different irritations skin due to external factors (sun, pollution, dehydration, etc.), muscat rose is here!

It is its vitamin K composition that allows it to treat irritations by offering rehydration and flexibility to the skin. This oil is, therefore, an excellent ally for dry skin.

Improved blood circulation

Applyorganic musk rose oil on the skin, it is to improve blood microcirculation. Therefore, theRosehip Oil from Chile helps to anticipate the appearance of stretch marks.

If you expect a happy event, you can prevent stretch marks postpartum by lightly massaging your stomach with organic rosehip oil.

Fight against dermatological diseases

Dermatological problems like psoriasis or eczema? Apply organic musk rose oil to the diseased areas. The fatty acids that make up the oil give it virtues anti-inflammatory drugs.

To reduce the itching caused by different dermatoses, muscat rose oil also has virtues pain relieving.

Musk rose vegetable oil

How to use rosehip oil?

Day cream

Rosehip oil can replace day cream for mature skin. Just pour a small amount on the palm, warm the oil a little by rubbing both hands and apply to the face in small circles. This helps prevent the appearance of brown age spots.

Hand care

The skin on the hands is often dull and dehydrated. All you have to do is apply rosehip oil all over your hand (back, palms, and fingers) until the oil has fully penetrated the skin.

After shave care

After shaving or waxing, the skin often becomes red and irritated. To avoid this irritation, simply apply a little organic rosehip oil to the skin after shaving or waxing.

Scars and dermatoses

Apply a few drops of musk rose oil on your scars, 2 to 3 times a day.

Same process for burns and skin diseases: gently apply the oil to the area to be treated.

Stretch marks

Circularly massage stretch marks (stomach, thighs, hips, etc.) with rosehip oil to reduce marks.

Hair care

Rosehip oil also has benefits for hair, as well as being a beauty solution for the skin. As in the case of dry skin, this oil works just as well on dull hair.

Just apply it on the damaged ends of the hair. Also massage your scalp with the oil and wrap your hair in a warm towel. Rinse everything off with lukewarm water after a few hours off!

To multiply the results of using rosehip oil, it is possible to use it with other vegetable oils, such as Aloe-Vera oil or argan oil, for example. .

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