What are the most powerful passports for travel?

The British firm Henley & Partners published on Tuesday, January 5, its ranking of the most powerful passports in the world for the year 2021. On the podiums of the countries with the most precious sesame: the Japan, Singapore, and theGermany and the South Korea ex aequo.

This annual ranking is developed by analyzing data from 199 countries and 277 destinations. It is studied in number of countries that a passport allows to visit without a visa, or with simplified access to procedures (visa on arrival, for example).

According to these data, France ranks sixth in the ranking, behind several of its European neighbors: Finland, Italy, Luxembourg and Spain are in fourth place, followed by Austria and Denmark in fifth place. The countries whose passports allow less travel are Afghanistan, last in the ranking, after Iraq and Syria.

A ranking upset by the coronavirus

As noted CNN, this classification is, however, questioned by the coronavirus pandemic that continues to alter the functioning of the world economy. “A year ago, all the indicators showed that global mobility rates would continue to increase and that freedom to travel would expand,” explains Christian H. Kaelin, president of Henley & Partners, to the US chain. Global containment has cast doubt on these enthusiastic projections“.

Example: the U.S and the UK They rank seventh with a visa-free destination score reaching 175. In reality, with the pandemic, they now only have access to fewer than 75 and 70 countries respectively, keep in mind CNN.

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