What are the benefits of sea buckthorn?

What is sea buckthorn (hippophae rhamnoides)?

theHippophae rhamnoides, more commonly known assea ​​buckthorn, is above all a dioecious plant native to the temperate zones of Europe and Asia. It belongs to the family of Eleagnaceae and it has been consumed in these regions for hundreds of years. However thesea ​​buckthorn has seen renewed interest in the scientific community and consumers in recent times. This is especially due to its incredible nutritional and medicinal values.

Also, all parts of this tree are used. Orange berries are especially great for making jams, compotes, or even jellies. Its acidic and astringent taste also offers very interesting new flavors in a sorbet.

the sea ​​buckthorn fruit it can also be eaten as is. In Siberia and Asia, for example, they are served with milk and cheese. In the Himalayas, they are a very popular condiment and in the Nordic countries, they come to decorate fish sauces. Also, a cocktail made withsea ​​buckthorn and vodka is all the rage in Russia.

The leaves (dark in color with silver reflections) and the bark, on the other hand, are used to obtain extracts that go into the formulation of some beauty products. In the field of cosmetics, it is however thesea ​​buckthorn seed oil which is the most popular.

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Sea buckthorn: what is its origin?

thesea ​​buckthorn grows naturally in most countries in Europe and Western Asia. This shrub would be one of the first woody trees to bloom after the Würm glaciation. The species is quite common in Russia, where it covers 200,000 ha of natural forests, and in China (920,000 ha).

However thesea ​​buckthorn it has the advantage of being particularly resistant, even under the most extreme conditions. In particular, it can survive in temperatures ranging from -40 ° C to +40 ° C.sea ​​buckthorn therefore, it can tolerate freezing weather and humidity just as much as drought.

In France, some farmers in the Durance Valley have also reacted to the downturn in the fruit market by launching into the cultivation ofsea ​​buckthorn. Young plants are usually planted in the fall or spring to ensure good rooting.

thesea ​​buckthorn It can reach 6 meters in height and extends for 3.5 meters. It begins to bear its first fruits at 4 years old. They are actually berries orange clumping around twigs.

What are the medicinal properties of sea buckthorn?

thesea ​​buckthorn It has long been known for its therapeutic virtues that would have been exploited since ancient times. Formerly the sea ​​buckthorn honey For example, it was part of the diet of Russian cosmonauts to maintain their vitality and improve their health at the same time. It would be the immigrants of this region who introduced thesea ​​buckthorn in North America for the first time.

Anyway, thesea ​​buckthorn it is still a superfruit known to be an important ally for health, whatever the use (internal or external).

Internal use

thesea ​​buckthorn plays an important role in the traditional medicines of China, Japan, Tibet and even in theayurveda. It then acts as a general tonic, with a physical stimulating effect.

However, scientific research onsea ​​buckthorn they are still in their infancy. though sea ​​buckthorn berries Therefore, they are recognized for their role in cardiovascular protection, the evidence is not yet sufficient to date.

However the sea ​​buckthorn fruit it is still very rich in flavonoids, which are often at the center of chronic disease treatments, especially in the cardiovascular field.

thesea ​​buckthorn it also contains vitamin C (up to 900 mg per 100 g of berries). Therefore, it contributes to the regulation of the functioning of the body as a whole. Whether to stimulate immune defense, to support collagen formation or even to counteract the attack of free radicals, thesea ​​buckthorn still an excellent choice.

External use

In external use, thesea ​​buckthorn It can have an anti-inflammatory and healing effect, largely due to its high content of omega-3s and sterols. though sea ​​buckthorn berries and the seeds can be applied directly to the skin, thesea ​​buckthorn oil it is the most frequently used in this case.

In fact, the latter contains an exceptional rate of vitamin E, omega-3 and 6, but also carotenoids. All these active ingredients have a repairing, softening, protective, antioxidant and anti-free radical function at the same time.

thesea ​​buckthorn oil therefore, it may be indicated in case of burns, sunburn, eczema or other skin conditions. In the field of cosmetics,sea ​​buckthorn rather it serves in the prevention of premature aging of the skin.

Therapeutic indications

Most of the timesea ​​buckthorn It is indicated for:

How to consume sea buckthorn?

To enjoy all these benefits, you can consumesea ​​buckthorn under different forms. Added in granola, the fruits are, for example, excellent.

A tea made from leaves is also an excellent source of vitamins, antioxidants, fatty acids, and minerals.

Sea Buckthorn Elixir

thesea ​​buckthorn elixir It is prepared from sun-ripened berries to give a vitalizing aromatic nectar that strengthens the immune system. It is ideal during cold periods and to fight against autumn sadness, or during periods of intense physical and brain activity in the professional, school or sports context.

It is a valuable food supplement and is very suitable for children.

Recommended daily dose : 3 tablespoons (i.e. 3 x 15 ml) per day. A tablespoon of this elixir should be diluted in a glass of water, fruit juice, smoothie or even yogurt.

Sea buckthorn juice

Sea buckthorn juice

the sea ​​buckthorn juice of organic quality, it is extracted by simple pressure of the berries to collect and preserve its essential substances. Rich in natural vitamin C, it also contains vitamin E and beta-carotene.

It is also an excellent tonic that helps your body regain its vitality and strengthen its natural defenses. Three tablespoons of sea ​​buckthorn juice It will provide you with all of your vitamin C needs for one day.

What are the benefits of sea buckthorn and its fruit?

The nutritional values ​​ofsea ​​buckthorn they are impressive and that is precisely why they are so appreciated.

thesea ​​buckthorn is in particular the main vegetable source of omega 7 fatty acids (with the Macadamia nuts). Today the sea ​​buckthorn juice it is highly recommended in herbal medicine.

Anyway, thesea ​​buckthorn It offers a very interesting batch of vitamins, mineral salts, but also trace elements.

So you can enjoy all the benefits of a superfood withsea ​​buckthorn.

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