“We are with him in the oval office,” says the editor.

Barack Obama publishes his memoirs this Tuesday, November 17, entitled A promised land. Sophie de Closets, CEO of Fayard, the publisher of this book, was with the former president of the United States this weekend. “It’s as we imagine, only better. He is very charismatic, friendly, approachable and courteous.“He tells us about the former White House resident.

The Fayard publishing house had already earned the memory of former first lady Michelle Obama, Becoming in 2018. “It all happened shortly after Michelle and Barack Obama left the White House. We learned that they had editorial projects,” explains Sophie de Closets, who specifies that “It’s something good, Michelle Obama, all formats, we are in more than 500,000 copies“.

As for the content of Barack Obama’s memoirs, “they are several books in one. It is both the narrative power of almost a series and, at the same time, a real reflection and a journey through America at the beginning of the 21st century,” he explains. Fayard’s landlady “We’re with him in the Oval Office.”

One of the questions that the former president of the United States asks in this book “is: How do we get Trump next? This is really one of the underlying questions in the book, ”he adds.

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