Watch: The future of Pokemon GO’s mixed reality show at Microsoft Ignite

Niantic showed off today at Microsoft Ignite a proof-of-concept vision, showing what Microsoft Mesh can do with Pokemon GO. Microsoft Mesh is a new Azure-based platform that allows developers to connect users with a variety of devices and technologies, including AR and VR, on PCs, smartphones, tablets, and mixed reality headsets. Since Pokemon GO is the ultimate cross-platform gaming experience, it seemed natural to see Niantic emerge when Microsoft made its first batch of Mesh.

Actual Pokemon GO that supports Mesh is way too long. Today Microsoft and Niantic made it particularly clear that they do not have a ready-made consumer product, and that the demo they gave today is not a representation of the game as it may or may not exist in the future. What we saw looked so amazing.

Above you’ll see Niantic’s demo during Microsoft Ignite 2021. Get started in about a minute for Niantic’s content. Update: See below for a full video of Niantic.

What is evident here is the speed at which the system operates and the limitations in it. It will take a while before we can work with Pokemon GO with any kind of complete action ready for the game. For now, it’s more like an extension of the Buddy Pokemon system and a co-augmented reality graphics system that’s already active in the game right now – which is pretty cool!

More information: Microsoft Mesh makes future shared, AR meetings virtual experiences

John Hanke, CEO and founder of Niantic, suggested that Microsoft Mesh gives users a “whole new way” to let Niantic achieve the goals they set for their games. Their mission is to “create technologies that allow people to mingle and explore the world together”.

Hanke said, “The idea of ​​bringing my virtual friends with me while I’m out and about exploring the world, I love this concept and I’m really interested in seeing what we can do with this.”

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