Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer for PC delayed until further notice

It’s not unusual for games or updates to be late, although there’s always hope that things will continue to end up, sooner or later. Ubisoft may have just dashed those hopes, at least for Watch Dogs: Legion players on PC. After already delaying online multiplayer gameplay promised for several months, the game’s developer has just announced that PC players have to wait indefinitely for the feature to arrive. If so, that is.

It’s not like Ubisoft just made this decision on a whim. They have detected a critical bug that caused the game to crash on computers with certain graphics cards. Rather than risking an angry crowd, they decided to take the side of caution and announce a delay, even if they didn’t have a solution yet.

Consoles will still get the late-in-time multiplayer feature on March 9th, but it won’t be without its caveats. One of the multiplayer modes, Raid-like Tactical Operations, has been postponed but only until March 23rd. This is again due to bugs that cause the game to crash as well.

Even then, it won’t be smooth sailing, at least for PlayStation gamers. Watch Dogs: Legion’s multiplayer mode will be limited to text chat functions at launch for those on both PlayStation 4 and 5. However, that will fix on March 23 as well, or so Ubisoft promises.

The latest Watch Dogs multiplayer mode was already postponed in November to eliminate bugs. Although props should be brought to Ubisoft for being open about the status of the game update, it doesn’t inspire much confidence that the actual launch will be smooth afterwards.

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