Watch 64+ shiny Pokemon GO monsters in 2 days (with developments)

We’ve got a look at the next Pokemon GO Community Day event, and there’s good news. Niantic’s plan is to remake all Pokemon featured at Community Day events in 2019 and 2020. That means there will be 22 Pokemon appearing on December 12th and December 13th, 2020, all with the increased likelihood of flashing!

If you were looking at the base set of Pokemon that would appear during this massive two-day event of the community, there would be 22. If you evolved all of these Pokemon into their second and final evolutionary selves, that makes 64 massive Pokemon that could appear as shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Pokemon The illustrious. You’re gathering a totally shiny set of Pokemon for the Pokedex, right? Simple, right?

If we take a sneak peek at the whole community day in December 2020, we’ll have Chimchar, Magmar, Piplup, Rhyhorn, Abra, Seedot, Weedle, Gastly, Magikarp, Totodile, Swinub, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Ralts, Slakoth, Trapinch, Bagon, Tortoise, Bourgeon, Charmander, and Elektboz.

If you find Shiny Chimchar, you can evolve into Shiny Monferno, then Shiny Hell! There’s little chance we’ll see Baby versions of Pokemon that usually appear in the wild, like Magmar’s Magby. If so, we’d even see over 64 potential shiny Pokemon at this two-day event. Otherwise, it would be Magmar and Magmurtar only.

You’ll find Piplup, evolve into Prinplup, and Empoleon – all set in the Shiny Pokemon universe during this event. The bright Rhyhorn can develop into the bright Rhydon, and the bright Rhyperior afterward. And so on and so forth. You found the idea!

This event is going to be totally insane, and we recommend that you peek at one or both of the days (December 12 and December 13), Just to give a few strange Pokemon. Remember, Shiny Pokemon may not appear shiny before clicking on them in the wild – they will appear with Shiny Stars once they are placed in your line of sight to capture them!

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