Vladimir Putin denies Alexei Navalny’s accusations about his palace

Monday January 25 the head of the Kremlin denied the accusations of Alexei Navalny and his team: he denies owning a palace located on the Russian shores of the Black Sea. The dissident had published a video in which he stated that the vast estate, estimated at over a billion dollars, belonged to Vladimir Putin.

“I have not seen this film, due to lack of time. Nothing that is shown in it as my property belongs to me or to my relatives,” said the head of state during a televised meeting with Russian students about this film.

Alexei Navalny was arrested upon his return to Russia for violation of his probation, on January 17. The lawyer and political activist had just returned from almost five months of convalescence in Germany. He was treated after poisoning last August. Then demonstrations broke out across the country in support of the opponent: more than 3,000 protesters were arrested on Saturday while demanding the latter’s immediate release.

The video was released last Tuesday, two days after his arrest: the film has been viewed almost 86 million times on YouTube. Leonid Volkov, a relative of Alexey Navalny, named to new meetings next January 31st. As Vladimir Putin answered the students’ questions, he felt that these demonstrations they were illegal and dangerous, report Western france.

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