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Once the House of Representatives opens for legislative work, I will introduce co-authors – Ted Liu and Jimmy Ruskin – Accusation article To remove Mr. Trump from office on charges of inciting disobedience.

As legislators who have fired this president once before, we do not take this responsibility lightly. In fact, it wasn’t our first choice for action. In the midst of last Wednesday’s siege, we were among those who asked Vice President Mike Pence to convene a cabinet meeting to summon the 25th Amendment to quickly remove Mr. Trump from office. We have called on the president to resign.

The days have passed, and it is clear that none of these possibilities will be realized. So the responsibility of Congress is to act.

The American people have witnessed Mr.Trump’s actions on their own. We’ve all seen his speech on January 6th. We saw his fanatic break into the Capitol at his request. Five people were killed, including a Capitol police officer and four supporters of the president. We fear what Mr Trump might do with his remaining time in office.

This is why we believe the accountability article should be voted on as quickly as possible. It is true that even after we act, Senator Mitch McConnell may, as he did a year ago, try to block convictions in the US Senate. It is also true that the trial may extend to the early days of the Biden administration.

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