Video doorbell can check visitors’ temperature

At CES 2021, we saw a number of products geared toward the COVID-19 pandemic. With doorbells without touching. And now we’re watching another cool video doorbell. This video doorbell comes from Ity It can check the temperature of your visitors.

This is important during a pandemic, because most people with COVID-19 (even without many symptoms) have a fever. So being able to see someone’s temperature before they enter your home is really important. And very useful.

It actually works very simply. Green means good, and red means evil. Which will appear on the doorbell so the visitor knows if they have a fever as well. In addition, the most recent visitor temperatures are stored in the app. So you can see the exact temperature of every person who enters your home.

Etty says measuring the temperature works best when the person is facing the camera rather than at an angle.

It also has the usual smart doorbell features

In addition to the ability to check temperatures, the Ettie Smart Video Doorbell has all the modern video doorbell features you would expect.

This includes HD video recording, which includes a 160-degree field of view, along with live broadcasts. This allows you to monitor your visitors in real time. There is also a two-way audio function available, so you can talk to anyone at the door.

Additionally, the doorbells capture their photos and record when they enter your home. This will make tracking contracts much easier.

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, there is no release date or announced pricing for the Ettie Smart Video Doorbell. So it may take some time before we see this doorbell in the market. But it appears to be the best choice for doorbells during this pandemic. Especially with how easy it is to keep track of contracts.

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