Valheim another major milestone in a great time

That was just a few days ago Valhaim Developer Iron Gate has been celebrating 3 million sales of his game, and now he’s announcing a brand new achievement. Valhaim It’s managed to sell 4 million copies in its short availability so far, but what’s impressive about it isn’t necessarily the total number of sales – though it may be huge – but rather the amount of time it took to get there.

Valheim managed to sell 4 million copies in just three weeks, which wouldn’t be a small task for a large release in a well-known franchise. ValhaimHowever, it’s not a major release in a well-known franchise, and it’s actually quite the opposite – it’s a Viking-themed survival game that launched early this month.

Although there is a lot of love for survival games, early access survival games can be a mixed bag. Valhaim It certainly appears to be on top of early-access survival games for quality, as Iron Gate also reported today that the game has enjoyed over 81,000 “very positive” reviews on Steam. That’s enough to make it the 57th best-reviewed game ever on the Valve platform.

Other iron gate stats Subscribed today Include the total time players collectively spent in the game, which is now 10,000 years old. Valhaim It also hit 500,000 concurrent players over the weekend, enough to place Valheim “among the top 5 games played in Steam history,” according to Iron Gate.

Southwest Valhaim It maintains its silly momentum somewhat well, apparently. Valhaim It’s showing no signs of slowing down, so it might only take a few days before we see it hit five million sales. We will watch Valhaim As the meteor surge continues, stay tuned for more.

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