USA: huge crocodile crosses golf course during hurricane Eta

It’s a hardly believable scene that professional golfer Tyler Stolting immortalized this Wednesday, November 11. A huge alligator has been caught calmly crossing the golf course of the Valencia Golf Country Club in Naples, Florida.

Many Internet users initially believed in a “fake”, but a video shows the huge reptile moving on the golf course. “Yes, it’s true,” confirmed Tyler Stolting, who surprised the animal while Florida was suffering from Tropical Storm Eta. According to The parisian, It was 2 in the afternoon on Wednesday when he saw the alligator on the 17th hole while passing by in a golf cart, explained Thursday morning to Tampa Bay News.

The manager of the St. Augustine alligator farm said the animal’s presence was not that surprising. “Few people come across alligators this size, yet It is not abnormal that a alligator walk in this kind of place“, he explained to Huffington Post American. Matt Devitt, Meteorologist for WINK News, also confirmed that the animal was very real.

A similar scene was filmed in March 2019. during a round of amateur golf, still in Florida, an American state known for its many reptile-infested swamps. Today would exist about two million alligators in Florida.

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