Unemployed selling nudes online and still struggling

It has only made $ 250 on the platform so far, despite spending over eight hours a day creating, publishing, and promoting content.

Ms. Al-Maghrib is also concerned that her presence on the platform will make it more difficult for her to recruit in traditional jobs in the future.

“If you’re looking for a 9 to 5, they might not hire you if they find out you have OnlyFans,” she said. “They might not want you if they knew you were a sex worker.”

Digital sex work can give the illusion of security and privacy – creators can get paid without having to interact with customers in person. But this does not mean that there are no risks.

“Internet sex work is a more attractive alternative to many people than taking to the streets or selling direct sexual services,” said Barb Prentice, a professor of sociology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. “However, anyone involved in this type of work should be aware that there are risks.”

Last April, Prof. Mechanic in Indiana She lost her job at Honda dealership after management learned she had a OnlyFans account. Content creators can be the target of “doxxing” – a form of online harassment where users post private or sensitive information about someone without permission. In December, the New York Post ran an article about a New York City doctor who was using OnlyFans to supplement her income. The paramedic believed that the article published without her consent would damage her reputation and fire her from her job.

Creators can also be subject to a “cap,” a practice in which users take unauthorized screenshots or recordings and then share them elsewhere on the Internet. OnlyFans creators have also received death and rape threats on social media.

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