two women dress up as old women to get vaccinated

They had appeared “dressed as grandmothers.” Two women, ages 34 and 44, showed up at a coronavirus vaccination center in Orlando, Florida, and have claimed to be over 65 to receive an injection. The caregivers were challenged by their attire: they were dressed in hats and gloves despite the 25 ° C and the sun.

After being unmasked, the two Americans were escorted out of the center. unable to receive the vaccineexplained Dr. Raúl Pino, director of the Florida Department of Health in Orange County, on Thursday, February 18, at a press conference. However, the two women have already managed to slip through the cracks: they were unmasked whilethey came to get their second injection, relates The office. Each had a valid card issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the US federal agency responsible for protecting health in the country.

In this US state, vaccine doses are reserved for the elderly, nursing staff, and patients at risk. However, according to Dr. Raúl Pino, these frauds are “probably higher than you think.” In particular, he mentioned the example of a man posing as his father to be vaccinated, but the latter had been unmasked.

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