Two top Democrats from Colorado are scouting 2022 bids to bring down Lauren Boibert

Two well-known Democratic lawmakers in the state said they are already considering whether to launch an attempt to oust Representative Lauren Boibert next year, just weeks into a fiery Republican state.

It is the latest evidence that Democrats are eager to take advantage of the controversy that has proliferated international Attention, Boebert has been in the center of attention since he was sworn in. But the party will still fight an uphill battle in the Republican-leaning Poipert region, which is set to be redrawn ahead of the 2022 elections.

State Senator Kerry Donovan of Vail and State Representative Dylan Roberts of Avon told the Colorado Sun that they are talking to people in Colorado’s 3rd congressional district about the job search for Poipert. They both went through with running for the seat in 2020 when it looked like they would face incumbent Republican Representative Scott Tipton, whom Boibert ousted in the primaries last year.

“She did a terrible job,” said Donovan of why she was interested in running for Boibert.

Donovan, a former Vail city councilor who is now the interim president of the state’s Senate, said she’s considering racing too early in the election cycle because she’s worried about how Boibert will reflect in District III nationally. Donovan said she is building alliances that will help her defeat Poipert.

Donovan said, “If she’s the only one talking about CD3, it delivers a CD3 image that I don’t think is accurate and does real damage, I think, to the spirit of the West.”

Roberts said the disagreements Boibert had raised “definitely deserves someone to take a good challenge to. Since he was sworn in on January 3, Boibert has been attacked by Democrats for voting to nullify the 2020 presidential election results, and they have pledged to carry a gun in the Capitol.” American and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tweeted live during the January 6 killer riots in Washington, DC

“Her actions over the past two weeks have definitely made me start thinking about running,” he said.

Lauren Boibert, who appears here July 27, 2020, campaigning stalled in Pueblo, is the Republican candidate for Colorado’s third congressional district seat. Boybear nagged Scott Tipton who holds the position for five terms in the June primaries. (Mike Sweeney, special for The Colorado Sun)

On a scale of 1-10, Roberts said his interest in running for the seat was “definitely over five”. But he wants to avoid primary elections for the Democrats in the third district, which could harm the party’s chances of ousting Bobbert, and he also acknowledges that it will be difficult for the Democrats to win in the region because of her conservative tendency.

“We’ve had some divisive CD3 primaries over the last two rounds, which haven’t helped the winner head into the general election,” he said.

Donovan’t’s current four-year Senate term ends in 2022. It is of limited duration.

Roberts, a rising young star in Democratic politics in Colorado, is entering his fourth year as a state representative after being elected to a second two-year term in November. He was appointed to his seat in 2017.

Donovan and Roberts are good friends who have worked together in recent years on legislation that would create an option for public health insurance in Colorado.

State Senate Speaker Leroy Garcia, a Pueblo Democrat, has also been mentioned as a potential contender in the Third District. He said on Monday that he was “not active in the process of working on it or following it up.”

“I will never rule that out completely,” he said.

Boebert’s Chief of Staff did not respond to a request for comment on Monday.

Local Democratic-elected officials in the 3rd district called Boibert to resign. National Democrats are taking notice, too.

“After nearly two weeks in Washington, DC, Congresswoman Lauren Boubert has already put a violent crowd out of QAnon ahead of the health and safety of the American people, helping incite the violence that has killed five people, including a police officer,” Brooke Goren, a Democrat, said a spokeswoman. On behalf of the Congressional Campaign Committee in a written statement.

Boebert was shooting and ignoring the critically acclaimed.

These attacks are not unique to me. They came right out of the rulebook of democratic play, “Boibert tweeted Monday.” They don’t want anyone to know that ordinary Americans who fear God can come to Washington to be effective. “

Boibert beat former Democrat Diane Mitch Bush by 6 percentage points in the November election. The third congressional district, which stretches across the western slope to the Pueblo, has been represented by a Republican since 2011 and as of January 1 had about 30,000 more active and registered Republican voters than the Democrats. Non-affiliated voters are the largest registered and active bloc in the region.

Mitch Bush said it would be difficult for a Democrat to win 2022 in the third district.

Democratic candidate for Colorado’s 3rd congressional district Diane Mitch Bush speaks to his supporters during a rally in Montrose Colorado, Saturday October 27, 2018 (William Woody, Special to The Colorado Sun)

“I think the key is that any candidate who will win must first and foremost understand the needs of the people in this region, listen to them and be honest,” said Mitch Bush, when asked whether Boybear could be defeated next year.

Mitch Bush, who also ran against Tipton in 2018 and lost, does not rule out the 2022 bid against Bobbert. “I doubt very much that I will run in 2022,” she said Monday. “I don’t rule that out completely, no.”

Even so, the Democrats have steadily shied away from the Republican advantage in the third district over the past four election cycles.

However, it is unclear what the third region in terms of geography and voter registration will look like once it is redrawn next year based on 2020 census data.


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