Twitter hands over a POTUS account to Biden on opening day

US media reported Friday that Twitter will hand control of the presidential POTUS account to Joe Biden when he is sworn in on Inauguration Day, even if President Donald Trump does not concede his election loss.

Twitter spokesperson Nick Basilio told Politico in an email that the social media giant is “actively preparing to support the transition of institutional Twitter accounts into the White House on January 20, 2021”.

He said that the process is taking place in consultation with the National Archives as it was in 2017.

The delivery will see all tweets on POTUS, as well as FLOTUS, VP, and other official, archived accounts.

The accounts would then be reset to zero tweets and transferred to Biden the White House that day.

Trump, who has yet to admit his loss on November 3, used Twitter to help build his political brand and, later, wield the power of the presidency. Although he mainly uses his personal account, realDonaldTrump, which has 88 million followers dwarf @ POTUS’s 32 million followers.

The POTUS account is widely used to retweet Trump’s personal account as well as the White House and other accounts.

Trump’s repeated habit of suddenly announcing new policies on the platform has led to long-standing complaints about judgment through Tweets.

Twitter has long been under pressure to limit the president’s use of the site for spreading disinformation and conspiracy theories.

Since the election, the company has placed warning posters on many of Trump’s tweets while he continues to insist, despite evidence to the contrary, that he won the vote, and that Biden’s victory was due to widespread fraud.

Biden, for his part, is a much more gentle Twitter user. He sent less than 7,000 tweets to 19 million followers, compared to Trump’s 58,000 followers.

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