Twitter, as part of its expanded crackdown, removes more than 70,000 QAnon accounts

Other social media platforms, such as Snapchat and Reddit, have also moved to curb Mr Trump and the toxic rhetoric that may inspire people to violence in recent days. Since then, Facebook and Twitter have expanded their actions. On Monday, Facebook said it would start removing Any content that mentions “stop theft”, A rallying cry for Trump supporters who believe the false claim that the election was stolen from Mr Trump.

Twitter said it would also deepen its campaign of misinformation and falsehood about the presidential election. Users who consistently violate a civic integrity policy, which prohibits users from posting content that discourages voter participation or misleads about the election outcome, will face permanent suspension. Twitter said.

Facebook and Twitter’s actions were praised by liberals and others, but they also raised questions Corporate power On the speech online.

The Codify the conspiracy theory She was always strong for Mr. Trump. Its believers see Mr. Trump as a hero trying to eliminate the global elite of Satanists. A woman breached the Capitol last week and was shot dead, Ashley BabbittHe was a believer in Qunun.

While conspiracy theory has been simmering on the internet for years, social media companies have only moved in recent months to remove related content. This past August, Facebook began instituting policies that were blocked by Qunun groups that advocated violence Movement expanded in October By saying it will remove any group, page or Instagram account publicly identified with QAnon.

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