Tuzech Leather Case / Wallet / Accessories / Cover / Travel Gear / Handbag Made of Full Grain Leather Card Holder & Organizer – Brown (7.75 x 3.50 in)

price: 999.00 S.R 697.00 Indian Rupees
(As of January 22, 2021 06:40:16 UT – details)

Tuzech’s exquisite products are handcrafted by expert craftsmen using beautiful whole grain leather, giving you a product that will last a lifetime. All Tuzech leather products are handcrafted from rustic, durable, full-grain leather. Our skin comes from whole grains from the top layer of the skin, and has all the properties of natural whole grains, hence the name. It is the best leather you can buy and the only leather we use. The flesh side of the smooth leather is first smeared in a dull natural color and finished with our beeswax conditioner. Our unique treatment helps the leather retain its shape without the use of synthetic stabilizers, providing a natural and durable look. Product Features Thick, durable and long-lasting, hand-cut and hand-stitched whole grain leather makes it an excellent gift for friends and family
Hand-stitched Finally: We are proud that each of our products is handcrafted by expert local artisans from Pastures, Guatemala, a city entirely dedicated to the manufacture of leather goods. Each piece is hand cut and finished with a meticulous stitching method that not only looks good but also makes it a durable finish that will give you a lifetime of use. Any loose ends are threaded with an open flame to ensure they do not tear during its life.
GREAT GIFT: Tuzech swears by its skin, knowing that this luxurious, rustic whole grain product will make an excellent gift for friends, family and loved ones. Designed to last a lifetime, this product will be a thoughtful and long lasting gift for anyone and everyone.
All-in-one: Keep your bills, coins and cards together with this classic all-in-one wallet. Keep your bills flat, pressed and wrinkle-free with the spacious design of this wallet for perfect organization! With its classic production of full grain leather, this all-in-one wallet guarantees a lifetime! Its larger size makes it an excellent choice for storing in backpacks or larger bags, and with its snap-on cover you can rest easily knowing your coins are securely in place to avoid spills.
Durable rustic Tuzech leather products are crafted with care and craftsmanship, with every piece handcrafted to the highest standard.

Tuzech Pop Up Leather Utility Bag / Wallet / Accessories / Cover / Travel Kit / Full Grain Leather Handbag, Wallet & Card Bag – Brown (7.75 x 3.50in) first appeared on Go Travel Blogger.

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