Tuxham 3-in-1 Empty Leakproof Travel Liquid Plastic Bottle for Cosmetic Makeup Toiletry Shampoos Lotion Body Lotion

price: 899.00 S.R 199.00 Indian Rupees
(As of Jan 26, 2021 at 17:08:52 UTC – details)

3 independent bottles 120 ° angle 45ml compact in a perfect complete cylinder. Create more space for your bag. Lighten the burden on your trip. [Reliable Sealing Design] Tie the cap with a flip-flop cap, so delicate liquids like mouthwash do not flow out. Wide opening for refilling and cleaning and small mouth for easy flow control. Tilt it upside down to easily squeeze out the liquid. [Easy to Identify] Clear clear frosted bottles marked with stool sham / skin cream / shower cream for easy identification. [TSA Approved] Travel size bottles are safe to carry and travel on the plane. There is no problem with the security check. Perfect for 3-10 day trips, outdoor fun, visiting friends, camping, etc.[SafematerialmadeofHDPEfoodgradematerialBPAfreestrongdesignmakesitdurableanddurableforalifeoftraveloradventureTakeyourinhibitionsonthetravel![SafeMaterialMadeoffoodgradeHDPEmaterialBPAfreeStrongandsturdydesignmakeitwilllastalifetimeoftraveloradventureTakeitwithyouandgotravel![مادةآمنةمصنوعةمنمادةHDPEللطعام،خاليةمنBPAتصميمقويومتينيجعلهيدوممدىالحياةمنالسفرأوالمغامرةخذهامعكوانطلقفيالسفر![SafeMaterialMadeoffoodgradeHDPEmaterialBPAfreeStrongandsturdydesignmakeitwilllastalifetimeoftraveloradventureTakeitwithyouandgotravel!

Its unique design allows you to fill 3 different lotions / liquids while holding them together for quick access
All three bottles are semi-transparent and come with printed labels for your convenience
Perfect for everyday travel as well as long distance travel
Very convenient for carrying baby items

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